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  • Houston's Fourth of July Celebration, Freedom Over Texas

    Guests were Susan Christian (Director, Mayor's Office of Special Events) and Doug Mraw (Director of Marketing, Silver Eagle Distributors). We talked about the upcoming Houston's Fourth of July Celebration, Freedom Over Texas. We went through the details of whom, when, and where the event will take place. We also discussed which musical headliners that will be present and the lineup of events. We touched upon parking, food, security, and volunteers.

    7/3/2014 listen   download 
  • John Flemming, Board President with the Houston Football Association

    Guest was John Flemming, Board President with the Houston Football Association. HFA is Houston's adult soccer league made up of 90 teams representing more than 70 nations. We talked about the popularity of youth football/soccer, and why that hasn't translated to American sports viewing habits. We talked about the excitement in the US about the world cup, and how that seems to fade in the off years. We talked about the benefits of adult soccer, like physical fitness, and family time. We also discussed the longevity of the sport, how soccer can be played throughout someone's life vs sports like American Football.

    7/3/2014 listen   download 
  • Miss South Texas, Keli Kryfko on obesity

    Guest was Miss South Texas, Keli Kryfko who is running for Miss Texas in the next two weeks. She told us her inspirational story of dropping over 100lbs when she was 14 years old to becoming a beauty pageant queen. We discussed the topic of childhood obesity, and the stigma behind it. Keli talked about her personal experiences in overcoming childhood obesity. We also touched upon topics of bullying, diet, and fitness.

    6/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Archway Gallery, Houston's oldest-artist owned gallery

    Guests were Liz Conces Spencer and Becky Soria with Archway Gallery, Houston's oldest-artist owned gallery. We talked about the annual juried art show coming up, and the importance of local art to a community. We discussed why people are compelled to create art, and how that expression has become the record of the human condition. We talked about the importance of self-expression and communication through art, and the incredible act of courage it takes to share it with the community, as well as art appreciation, collecting and value.

    6/25/2014 listen   download 
  • Houston Children's Museum 6/15

    Guests were Henry Yau with the Houston Children's Museum, and Rob MacGregor, director of gallery programs with the Houston Children's Museum. We talked about The “Summer of Epic Adventure Program” The museum has developed the program to challenge kids visiting the museum to become super heroes, both physically and mentally. We discussed how the museum comes up with themes and ideas to engage kids, promote learning and physical activity, and make it fun.

    6/20/2014 listen   download 
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