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Flaming Birthday Cake

Birthday Scams

List of past Birthday Scams from the Dean And Rog Show. 

Click HERE to request a Birthday Scam on somebody you know!


Suzi's Drink of The Week

Get ready for the weekend with Suzi's Drink of The Week

Click HERE to see the list of recipes from past weeks!


Suzi's Word of The Day

Find out Suzi's Word of The Day


Junior Mints' DVD Reviews

The good and bad on recent DVD releases



Did you miss an interview with your favorite celebrity? Find it now

Vintage telephone

Redneck Roy Calls

Good old fashioned common sense called in from Red Neck Roy Dean and Rog from his trailer.


Rog's Wild Pitch

Rog gives you the sports stories that everyone will be talking about.

audio reel

Dean & Rog Full-Show Recap

Listen to the best bits from the Dean & Rog Show every day!

Bad singers

The Dean & Rog Singers

Hear the Dean & Rog Singers put a new spin on your classic favorites!

Torture tuesday

Torture Tuesday

Hear all the crazy, cruel and unusual things Dean & Rog do to Producer Mark!


Dean & Rog Moral Dilemmas

Are you a morally sound individual? Neither are Dean & Rog!