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Dean and Rog

Dean & Rog

Dean and Rog mornings 5am-10am Dean and Rog have been waking up Houston for over 12 years, finally its time for them to wake up 107.

Jennifer Tyler

Jennifer Tyler was born in Southern Illinois, but has lived in the Houston area since age 12, and considers it home.

Scott Sparks

Scott Sparks

Occupation: Afternoon Guy on The Eagle First job: Workin’ For The Man. Mowing yards in the summer sun of Longview, TX.

Maureen Cooper

First job:Dishwasher/kitchen help in the cafeteria at a kids summer camp. It was awful. Words to live by:If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Dan Cryer

This native Houston Northsider has been playing on the city's radio waves for over 20 years. When he isn't working you'll find him fishing.

John Davis newer

John Davis

First Record: Queen - "The Game" Last Record: Jimmy Buffett - "Encores" Guilty Pleasure: I have an original 12" pressing of "Rapper's Delight" at home.

Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan was born at Tachikowa Airbase while her Dad was stationed overseas with the Army and grew up in Orchard Park, NY.

Mark Douglas

First job: Bell Hop at Gaidos Motor Hotel, Galveston. Words to live by: If it can’t be fixed with duct tape or WD40, it probably can’t be fixed.