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1. Where were you born? 



2. First job: 

DSW Shoe Warehouse 


3. Recent impulse purchase: 

Chocolate Cake 


4. Perfect Day: 

76 degrees on a breezy patio drinking champagne with my Poodle Draco Malfoy. 


5. What famous celebrity would you love to meet? 

Quentin Tarantino 


6. Words to live by? 

"Be safe & don't die" -My Mom 


7. Favorite Snap Chat filter? 

All the ones that give amazing contour, of course! 


8. Current show you are binge watching on Netflix or favorite show to binge watch? 

Current: Orange is the New Black 

Fave: The Office 


I'm a Sam Houston State graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. I've always wanted to pursue a career that involved producing media. I like to stay busy working, watching movies, or going to a food festival. :)


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