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Houston's ONLY Classic Rock

John Davis

First Record: Queen - "The Game"

Last Record: Jimmy Buffett - "Encores"

Guilty Pleasure: I have an original 12" pressing of "Rapper's Delight" at home. Don't hate.

Air Guitar Song: I suck at air guitar, but I do kickass air drums to anything by Rush or whenever I hear "In The Air Tonight."

Rock Icon: Sting. I appreciate his musical depth, even amid the crunchy granola of recent years.

Fave Album Cover: Who's Next.

Rock Star you'd like to fight: Everyone on this planet could kick my ass. But I'd bet my paycheck on Joan Jett versus anyone.

Pet Peeve: People who can't make up their mind at Starbucks.

Tattoos: There is not enough alcohol on the planet to get me drunk enough to want one.


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