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Kelly Ryan

 Kelly Ryan was born at Tachikowa Airbase while her Dad was stationed overseas with the Army and grew up in Orchard Park, NY. After high school she headed to the University of Wyoming to pursue an Engineering degree. While searching for a summer job after freshman year Kelly  applied at a local radio station, fell in love with it, and quickly changed majors. 

One of Kelly’s greatest media moments came days after her first On-Air shift at KUWR, when Walter Cronkite came to film a special for the BBC at the University. No one was around since it was a few weeks before classes were back in session, but Kelly found out he was there filming and went to watch. Walter spent over 30 minutes visiting with Kelly and giving her career guidance, and when they wrapped for the night he asked her to interview him and had his camera crew set it up right then! What a first interview to score.

After college Kelly moved to Texas to do a Morning Show in Conroe where she was also Promotions Director and Production Director for a few years before breaking into Houston in 1997. She has been heard on almost every station and format in Houston since. 

Being a huge animal advocate, Kelly can usually be found at some animal function around the area or helping the many foster dogs she cares for find new ‘furever’ homes.

Occupation:  Radio personality  and voice over artist 

First show/concert: ‘Beatlemania’ a Broadway production but first real concert was Adam Ant early 80’s.

First job: Checker at Wegman’s Grocery Store .. and always won fastest checker competition  .. that’s probably why I always use the self check out lanes now. Love those.

Words to live by: Don’t look back and aggravate 

Perfect Day: Jammin’ great tunes on the radio with a special in studio performance from Paul McCartney .. yeah that would rock!!

Wildest Dream: Winning the Daytona 500

Indulgence: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

Favorite Movie: “That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else. " 16 Candles 


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