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Scott Sparks

Occupation: Afternoon Guy on The Eagle

First job: Workin’ For The Man. Mowing yards in the summer sun of Longview, TX.

Words to live by: Duck!

Perfect Day: Cayman Islands or Disney World. As long as the money holds out.

Wildest Dream: Bombardier Challenger 300. 

Indulgence: Cigars, Sushi and Tommy Bahama

Recent Impulse Purchase: Electric socks and a Defense Attorney

Favorite Movie: “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." 

What's next on your to do list: make a ‘to-do list’

First memory of "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith: At a buddy’s house in Longview, Texas on 8-track tape. He had hundreds of great 8-tracks. He knew music but not the Future. “…Scott 8-tracks are here to stay. Light and portable with sweet fidelity. It’s what the world needs…”


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