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Posted: June 02, 2017

Man's lunch box note for high school daughter goes viral



TACOMA, Wash. —

Since she was in kindergarten, Meg Sullivan’s father has peeled oranges for his daughter’s lunch.

But on her last day of high school, she got something a little different: a printed WikiHow article on how to peel an orange with a handwritten note that said, “It’s time, baby girl.”

Sullivan posted the note on Twitter, and more than 400,000 people liked her tweet, and hundreds commented that the note tugged at their heartstrings.

Sullivan told KIRO-TV that she did not expect the tweet to go viral.

“I just wanted to share something cute that my dad did for me, but after it went viral, I was humbled by all the people responding saying that their parents would never do something like what my dad did. It made me very thankful to have such a loving and caring dad who constantly goes out of his way to show it,” she said. “All in all, it's been nice for my dad and I to know that we've been making people smile just with a simple tweet.”

The teen graduates from Bellarmine Preparatory School on Sunday.

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