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Posted: April 21, 2017

Student's expulsion over warm beer could mean changes for generations

By Carl Willis,


A Georgia student’s expulsion from school could lead to changes for students for years to come after the teen's mother took her son’s punishment to the school board.

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The student, a senior, was expelled after unopened, warm beer was found in the student’s car in Bowdon High School’s parking lot. The punishment sparked debate in Carroll County.

"I don't think a student's education should be put in jeopardy after something like that," Carroll County resident Lauren Strickland told WSBTV.

"They’re probably trying to use him as an example," parent Kimberly Grisham said.

The student's mother appealed the expulsion to the school board, which prompted board members to question the current policy structure.

"The board has directed the superintendent to review the policies on the student code of conduct,” Carroll County school board member Bart Carter said. “So in the next couple of months, we are supposed to be reviewing those policies and the potential discipline."

Cater previously compared the incident to one involving assistant superintendent Terry Jones, who, according to a police report, left a handgun in a Board of Education vehicle in 2014.

Jones said he had no comment about that incident, but said it was a policy violation. Jones was not punished.

"For me, personally, I would like to see a more tiered approach to the punishment and not just one size punishment fits all," Carter said.

That potential change could affect generations to come.

"It would help future kids," Grisham told Willis.

"Their future is a little bigger than a few beer cans found in the back of a truck," Strickland said. 

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