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Things and people you heard about on the Dean & Rog Show:
















  • Journey is releasing a DVD about the band's career and task of replacing lead singer Steve Perry.




































  • Van Halen almost hired singer Mitch Malloy instead of Gary Cherone; he even released his audition tape!











  • Use this name generator to find out what your Redneck Name would be!








































  • The video of the Texas judge beating his daughter, released 6 years later.  (Warning: Disturbing) (Graphic Language)


  • Hear comedian Michael Winslow (of "Police Academy" fame) perform an amazing rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love".





  • Country singer Keith Urban invites Russell Crowe onstage with him to sing a version of "Folsom Prison Blues"










  • Producer Mark underwent acupuncture as part of Torture Tuesday.  Click HERE or HERE to find local clinics.




  • See video of a man hooking a shark while fishing from a kayak with his son!




  • Video of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse.  (WARNING-- DISTURBING!) 


  • City of Houston mandatory Water Restrictions for Summer 2011 are listed HERE.


  • A reporter reporting on dogs falls into a pile of-- you guessed it-- dog poop.


  • Watch as a 12-year-old girl plays the "Eruption" guitar solo!



  • Minor league baseball announcer quits LIVE ON THE AIR!  Click HERE to hear what he has to say!


  • Click HERE to see video of a skydiver falling to the ground after his parachute failed to open.  (WARNING: DISTURBING)





  • See a "lady" rip a foul ball from the hands of a little girl.


  • Click to see a guy dub himself in 8-part harmony over the song "Killer Queen"... Very Cool!


  • Click HERE to see the video of a kid and his mom stuck on the road in the path of a "fire tornado".  Get off the phone, mom!


  • Suzi just got a new type of futuristic panties known as a C-String!  


  • Click HERE to see an inspirational speech by a kid who just learned to ride a bike.


  • Patti Labelle is being accused of having her bodyguards beat up a man at Intercontinental Airport because he was standing too close to her luggage!  What do you think?  Click HERE and judge for yourself!


  • Find out more about the Dean & Rog segment on Channel 39's News Fix HERE


  • See a Dodgers fan DROP HIS KID in order to catch a foul ball!!


  • Martin Short with his TRIBUTE SONG about the death of Osama Bin Laden.


  • Click HERE to see NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco try his hand at bull-riding!


  • The meticulously built Fire Montage, presented by the Dean & Rog Show, in recognition of the wildfires currently tearing across the state of Texas.